Is It Really A Good Deal?

Hi there, it’s your loveable  linen lady again.  I wanted to talk deals.  Everyone loves a good deal.  The key word here is Good!  I’m right there with you, my motto is I hate to pay full price for anything!

When looking for a deal you must do your homework!  I always investigate before I decide, if you don’t you may get burned, and nobody want that to happen right before the happiest day of your life.

Does the person offering $1 chair covers, have a store front, or are they working out of their home or garage? Why can they offer that price?  Is it because they have no overhead? Building rent? Are they not washing and pressing the chair covers every time?  These things cost money, water, electric, gas, machines, a building to warehouse the goods.  Do they have a storage unit they are running to? Is it temperature controlled? Perhaps, they can rent chair covers for a buck, because they took them off a wedding last weekend, put them in a sack, and are going to grab that sack of chair covers this weekend for your Dream Wedding.  How is that $1 chair cover looking now?  Do you want to take a chance on someone who is trying to make some fast money? Or do you want someone who has invested in building a business, focused on one thing, your Wedding Day?

I get a lot of  “can you match their price?”  My response is “When they can match my quality I will match their price!” Here’s a tip: Anyone can show you 1 good chair cover, but I will tell you where I will be setting up, giving you a few dates to choose from.  I encourage you to come see our work up close and personal.

Can we talk about wedding swap sites? Again, please do your homework.  You will need to look at every piece of linen or chair cover you are going to purchase.  Will it need to be laundered and pressed?  Do you have time to hand press all of that stuff? Do you have the room to store it after you press it, so as not to wrinkle anything?  Who is going to set up your reception? Trust me it’s not as easy as you think! If you don’t have a crew of people or someone with experience, it could take hours.  Is that what you want to be doing on your wedding day? Worrying about how it’s going to turn out?  Now that the wedding is over and you are back from your honeymoon, are you now going to put it up on a swap site, in hope to get your money back?  Are you going to launder it, for “curb appeal”? I’m not saying you can’t get an awesome deal on a swap site, but beware of all the time and work you may be in for!

Everything I have mentioned also goes for buying your linens and chair covers from the cheap sites. You will need to press everything. I hear people say I will just start my own rental business with the stuff I purchased for my wedding.  I always giggle to myself just a little, because if you have 200 chair covers, you can bet the next person will need 250. Or they may want a different color sash.  Then what will you do? Will you start ordering more stuff, and if so where are you going to store it.  Do you really want to be up late watching the late show with an iron in your hand, because you have a deadline to meet?

So I will close by saying Is It Really A Good Deal?


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