Wedding Season in Full Swing!

Wedding is in full swing, it always hits us after Easter. Stressed out brides, laid back grooms, I love watching it all unfold.  I have been happily married for 33 years, and back in “the day” there were not all these options. Choices upon choices! Linens and chair covers, not just a couple to choose from but hundreds of options.  When is it enough? How much is enough?  Those my friend are up to you.

Now  days engagements are 2-3 years, I ask myself why? What takes so long to plan a party? Ok, Party might be a bit of an understatement, but it is truly a  6 hour event.  It is a celebration of love and commitment, to be shared with those closest to you.  I’ve heard people say we are saving up, I say while you are saving up, the prices are going up.  It’s true, basically venue prices rise every 1-2 years.

My advice is to have a contact person who you trust completely, give that persons number to your vendors, so if a problem should arise, it can be taken care of without any undue stress to you on your wedding day. Also, do you know how to get in touch with your vendors wedding day? Those numbers should be passed on to your trusted person.

Now I’ve had many Grooms say don’t call me I don’t want to make the call.  Not trying to freak anyone out here, but from time to time little hiccups arise.  Here’s what went down at my son’s wedding.  I of course was in charge of linens, chair covers, and overall making sure the hall was perfect.  I had finished my job when my son called and said “hey mom, I forgot to give you the champagne glasses. Can you come and get them and take them to the hall?”   I hurried to get the glasses and when I returned to the hall, the cake had been delivered, and I immediately said Oh Boy, I need to fix this.  The cake lady, whose name I will not mention did not put the Bride & Groom where instructed.  It was a little on the heavy side, and was supposed to be placed on the layer of the cake that was not real.  She put it on the cake and the Bride & Groom slid all the way down the cake, taking all the frosting off, leaving a trail of chocolate cake crumbs behind.  The people at the hall would not touch it, they would not be responsible.  They brought me a bucket of water and a spatula.  Good Grief! I’m the lovable linen lady, not a cake designer.  I took the Bride & Groom into the ladies room and gave them a bath.  Then I smoothed as much frosting as I could, turned the cake table around so the damaged part faced the wall, stuck a few roses that were left and filled the holes.

I told my son what happened to the cake when we picked him up for the wedding ceremony.  He tried to call the vendor with no luck, so he left a message.  I told him to relax, he was super concerned that this event would ruin his soon to be wife’s whole day. I told him no one would know about the cake except, for him, his dad and me. I was confident that I had done a fabulous job.  It turns out I did, nobody noticed there was a cake incident.

The cake lady did not return his call, on Monday, or Tuesday.  In fact she did not respond at all.  We had to contact her again, she blamed it on it being windy. I feel I must tell you it was not an outside wedding, and as far I can remember not one open window.

So my point is let someone else fix the bumps in the road or cake, and make sure you have contact numbers for your vendors for the day of your Wedding!


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