Overwhelmed by Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful tool that can overwhelm you. It feels like a necessary evil somedays.  You click that little red P and before you know it you’ve looked at thousand of things and pinned 500. It’s been hours since you’ve moved, no bathroom breaks, and dinner, what’s that?  Who can eat when your fingers can’t stop scrolling and pinning!

Sometimes you have a year or two to plan, can you imagine all the pins you could collect in that time frame?

You have a wedding board, a flower board, a cake board, one for shoes, and one for hair.  Oh my gosh how will these ever come together?  You thought you had a clear vision of what your dream wedding was going to be, but now you can’t even think straight.

Before you start your Pinterest adventure, have an idea of what it is that you love.  Then, this is the hard part, look only for those things that meet your style. It’s going to be hard to not get distracted by all the wonderful ideas on Pinterest, but I assure you there are plenty of items that will match your idea and style. Treat your Pinterest board like a closet that needs to be cleaned out regularly.  So every time you pin 2 new things, you must get rid of one or two other pins. Keeping the ones you “love” not the ones that make you say “oh that’s a cute idea” or “that’s different “. You want the pins that make you say “OMG I Love That”

Be Careful, Be Mindful, and most of all Happy Pinning!



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