Brides Maids

Your brides maids are some of the most special people in your life.  It is a honor and a privilege that is bestowed upon them.  Everyone is giddy with excitement ! You may have come up with a clever way to ask them, with a gift or a catchy little saying.  Besides them standing next you in a lovely dress, what assistance do you expect from them?

I joke when I say they call them maids for a reason. But in truth, I think the role of a brides maid has diminished over the years. Replaced by event and party planners.  Back in my day, (married 33 years here), the brides maids were in charge of the bridal shower.  Their role has changed a bit, now they throw a bachelorette party.

You should sit down and think of all the things that go into planning the wedding.  (Overwhelming) I know.  If there are certain things you want help with from your bridal party, you should let them know that upfront.  Perhaps purchasing a few gifts each for the shower, making centerpieces.  Help addressing invitations.  The more things you all can do as a group, the fun and memorable it will be.  Maybe  a Friday night of getting some wedding stuff done and enjoying a great evening with your girls.  Do not let the stress of wedding planning get to you, make great memories with you bridal party during the planning stages, not just the day of the wedding.  Take pictures of all the things you are doing together, and make a scrapbook.  Have Fun, and create beautiful memories.


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