Tips for You

Here are some basic questions you should ask your prospective venue.

Does your venue allow outside vendors, for table cloths, chair covers, napkins?  It’s hard to believe, but some do not.  This baffles me, but rules are rules. If you have your heart set on something stunning, do not book a venue that outside vendors are not allowed.  This is a tough one to swallow after you have made your deposit.

What does the venue provide? Tablecloths, napkins, skirting, chair covers?  Be sure to stop in and see a wedding all set-up. Is everything pressed and stain free?  Some halls own chair covers, but do not have an amazing laundry service for them.  I have personally been to halls, that do not remove and wash chair covers after each event. It is not a pretty sight.

What colors are available?  Will you have to settle for something or do they have exactly what you have been dreaming about?

What size are the tables? This is a very important question. We need to know what size cloth to cover the table.

How far in advance does the venue want the linens delivered?

Do your rented items need to be removed from the venue the night of your event?

Now here is something that needs to be discussed. What size chairs do they have?  The venue will most likely tell you they are a standard banquet chair.  There is such a variety of chairs. Just an inch will make a huge difference in the way a chair cover fits.  It is best to bring a picture for us to see.

I hope these little tips will help you when choosing a venue for your dream wedding.

I’ll be back with more tips and questions to ask your vendors.







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