I’d like to start with an introduction. I’m Donna and I’ll admit I am slightly technically challenged.  So I hope this blogging thing goes well.  So I guess I’ll dive in to the deep end right now!

I am one of the owners of Always Special Linens.  I have been in the Linen Rental Biz for more than 25 years (yikes I’m giving away age secrets).  I love the party  business, you might say I have a passion for parties.  I have been a part of countless weddings, showers, graduation & birthday celebrations, as well as corporate  events.  If you need it covered then I’m your gal.   I cover chairs, tables and sometimes walls.

Here’s a little story about a couple of friends, and a mom.  Introducing Ovida, my very best friend, we met when we were in elementary school, we’ve been through it all together. You see she married my cousin, so she is officially family, (not that it matters). I consider her my sister. Any way like I was saying we’ve been through it all, Jr. High , High school, prom, graduation, our own weddings, the births of our children, vacations, camping, I could go on, but you get the point, we are thick as thieves. We even worked together at another  Rental company. So when the opportunity presented it’s self for us to start our own business, mom (her mom, I call her mom too, known her forever) decided she’d join us. She also worked at the other company with us.  Mom’s specialty is sewing.  We call on her for all the impossible ideas we want made.  So after working for 2 other rental companies, it was time to take the bull by the horns and make it on our own.

Nine years, wow! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been making weddings and parties “Special” for almost a decade.  So if you’re ever in the neighborhood stop in and say hi, we’d love to meet you. Also it would get me out of doing laundry for just a little while.  This is where you chuckle, but I’m being serious!


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